The 308 CC Club wishes you a Merry Christmas

From the direction of Club 308 CC I wish you a Merry Christmas to all the amazing people who are and those who visit us daily from every part. I hope you come over a few days full of joy and happiness with yours and that next year brings you only good things.

As you can see I have taken advantage of these special holidays to make a complete overhaul of the entire site, I hope you like it. You have more details about what has changed in this link .

Finally Josemegan thank for making us all the official poster's Christmas club , see if you like.

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December 24, 2010 at 23:27 Give us your opinion about that new

308 CC GT test in England

In this video we see a short analysis (in English if that) from the limited edition of 308 English-CC (there known as the 308 CC GT) driven by a woman from the website womenandwheels.

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April 21, 2009 at 11:06 Give us your opinion about that new

For the lords of Peugeot Spain

As webmaster of this site, I decided to speak to potential managers and / or responsible for sales of the Peugeot company in Spain (this website is the biggest point of information and debate around the 308 CC of the whole network, and at the first page of Google search with a simple "308 CC" I do not think that anything is the idea of believing that responsible Peugeot come here from time to time) and say the following:

The latest rumors are coming to us about the car (largely a result of new catalogs have begun to distribute through dealers Spanish) for equipment, have made almost all fall into pessimism quite important. Doing a quick comparison between the team with the highest highest French Spanish we can see that in our case there are a few extras that have been on the road. As the prices still do not know anything (it is playing by the way ...) and knowledge of equipment, we can only hope two things, or prices in Spain are substantially lower than the French (and I am not referring only to 3000 € you can see that there are always differences between the models of Peugeot in France and Spain (207, 308, 407, 607 ...)) or everything has been a mistake and they will not be the end equipment. At least here we think.

First of all, I would say that because in his time designing this site, because I love the car as I saw it is not, nor much less reason for me to go to buy the vehicle leaves and leave, and insurance Many of the members of this club like acuta. As is the current economic situation, I doubt that quite some of those who wrote here costing us a change of competition cars, which carry a time in the market are very substantial discounts, although they do not have some of the with regard to the 308 cc or exclusivity, are a thousand other things that your model has been discontinued by the way (see automatic, leather beige cabriolet automatic control, electric parking brake, sunroof, larger catalog tires etc etc ...)

I hope this letter is not taken as a threat to Peugeot, and much less equipment and hopefully prices 308 CC will match that customers deserve and this summer we can all enjoy this spectacular cabrio, but as I said, espectación by many that this car causing this (and I believe that much of the members of this club, through this website, we are guilty) will not accept a contract to purchase a product that unfortunately has all the appearance of end costing more than the vast majority believes it deserves. But I hope we are wrong and we are surprised with fair prices and equipment, and if so, I'll be the first to welcome and congratulate them through this website.

Finally, say that this is my opinion and that of many people from the forum, but in any case I mean to speak for them all because each one has its own insurance nuances which, in order to view, have only to read their opinions in the comments to this news.

Without a more welcome,

Diego , webmaster y administrador de Diego, webmaster and administrator

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April 14, 2009 at 23:31 Give us your opinion about that new

Limited edition Peugeot 308 CC

Since yesterday we have available in Spain on 308 CC in a limited edition of 100 units. The announcement was made through the website of Peugeot Spain where you can fill out a reservation form. Carcterísticas What is this special version? As the single biggest differentiating factor with respect to the normal version which will soon (we hope) is that this model has the option of including black pearl black exterior and gray color for the inside raw. According to the company, this color will not be available later. Alongside this "exclusive" we have a decent kit, but much less is the most prepared.

Engine 1.6L THP 16V 150cv 6-speed

Airwave and Windstop

Wheels, 18 "

WipNav (screen 7 "and bluetooth)

Pack leather, power and visibility

Well, now comes the best price. For this special version of the 308 CC, Peugeot has set a price of 33,480 euros! By all accounts, is a price too high, and only to be expected from Peugeot because of setting the base price of the model \ "normal \". Do not forget that the price mentioned above is not the version for much less or more teams (the scalp is normal, not the integral covers the whole interior, your browser is not the Com Wip 3d, but 2d, the system Sound does not include sound, but the WIP series, Xenon headlamps are not included ...) We left the following link to the Peugeot website where you can read more about this special issue and we encourage you to enter the forum has to talk about it.


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March 27, 2009 at 22:01 Give us your opinion about that new

Types of interior 308 CC

To go to collect a little information we have available, here you leave a small gallery of images with different interiors will leave when the 308 CC for sale. Within these we find the usual options of cloth or leather, but in this case, Peugeot has chosen to include the option to "integral leather", which the lining material is not only the seats but also on the doorstep and the dashboard of the car. Among the colors of leather that we can choose black, maroon and beige.

Regarding the options of leather combined with fabric still do not have confirmation that it exists, but it appears that it will also be available.

Interiores (18 images)

View all images

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March 17, 2009 at 09:53 Give us your opinion about that new

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