Mu by Peugeot, move!

In May 2010, Peugeot launched a new initiative in Spain as far as mobility services are concerned: for the first time an automaker put up for grabs a wide range of vehicles and services. In short it is a rental system where cars are offered both as commercial vehicles, bicycles, motorcycles and various accessories. All without leaving your house to enjoy Mu by Peugeot just need a computer, Internet and a credit card. Simpler, easier, everything seems to be closer because of the mark of the lion.

How it works

To enjoy the services of Mu by Peugeot is only necessary to register on the website with an email address, upon request the account, send email and can be activated immediately. With the account created, all that remains is to load the account Mu by Peugeot with the money that it deems appropriate, which depends on the vehicle to be leased.

Once we loaded the cash, which is done through the Internet using a credit card, you can book the service desired, then pick it up by one of the Mu points by Peugeot of the nearest town. At the moment this service is only offered Gallo manufacturer in Madrid and Barcelona in both cities, several dealers where you can physically go to collect the requested service.

What can you rent?

Peugeot offers users the full range of cars from the Peugeot 107 Urban, 206 +, 207 and 308 to the 508 saloon and, familiar as the 3008 or the 4007 crossover. There is also room for fun, being more exclusive models also available as convertibles 207 CC and 308 CC as well as the sportiest of the 'Lions', the RCZ.

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