E-Peugeot 308 HDi, facing down consumption

Undoubtedly, the launch of the new Peugeot 308CC has served not only the French brand to offer a fresh and updated image of one of the compact reference in our market. This vehicle goes beyond making a qualitative leap with the introduction of a compendium of solutions that result in greater fuel economy and emissions in all versions but is especially evident under the e-HDi technology.

E-HDi Technology

As mentioned, Peugeot is determined to stand up to the consumption and emissions and does so at their own game. The design changes not only affect the aesthetic appearance but also make a substantial improvement in aerodynamics. This is just a sample of which has not neglected any parameter when starting this 'battle' for the sake of efficiency. The overall vehicle weight was reduced by 25% and depending on the version, you can also choose a low-resistance tires.

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