Peugeot unveiled in Frankfurt and the 508 RXH HX1

Internationalization and enrichment of the range. These are keys giving Peugeot to continue the offensive in 2010 and now are specified in two new global debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show: the concept and the 508 RXH HX1.

The first is a prototype that was developed taking into account a number of conditions: it should accommodate up to six people, its design had to be strong, athletic and integrating codes brand identity, livability and feelings were to be protagonists and aerodynamics must be "unusual."

The result is the Peugeot HX1, in which fitness is maximum. This concept of dynamic and elegant exterior, with sharp lines can be transformed according to their environment, traffic conditions and expectations of its occupants.

How? With its multiple aerodynamic parts, which move according to speed. When accelerating, different "flaps" are adapted to optimize airflow and improve the environmental performance of the car, the tire, for example, open to get a flat disk surface. In addition, a rear spoiler and two lateral appendages are deployed at over 100 km / h. Thus, the shape of this vehicle minivan (very low -1.37 -1.99 m-m-wide, taking into account the 4.95 m long) get a Cd of 0.28.

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